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of Memories

An impromptu get-together; a spontaneous burst of laughter; a memorable evening with great friends. Cha2O provides the atmosphere and environment that fosters and cultivates meaningful conversations and lifelong relationships. Oh, and we also make delish drinks and yummy dishes for all you foodies as well.

Cha2O-restaurant, dessert, and lounge-the space dedicated to writing a scrapbook of memories.

The Creations

No preservatives. No MSG. No "food enhancers." That's the promise of freshness in all of our creations. Here at Cha2O, we take pride in the well-beings of our patrons.

Because there are no better taste on Earth than the sweetness of a healthy life.

We Cater

Memories can be created anytime at any place. Allow us the honor to be part of your memories outside of our venues by ordering Cha2o signature dishes and drinks. We cater for family reunions, cocktail parties, corporate and social events, and many more! Inquire and we would gladly be of service!

Get in touch with us today and we'll make your next event unforgettable!

Our Venues

11688 South, Suite 104
Artesia, CA 90701
(562) 865-2422
Sunday - Thursday: 10am - 1am
Friday, Saturday: 10am - 2am

100 S Harbor Blvd, Suite B
Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 992-2422
Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 1am
Friday, Saturday: 11am - 3am


The Story

Dating as far back as 2737 B.C., 茶 -pronounced 'Cha', tea-was first recorded being used in China by then emperor Shennong. Since its discovery, a rich tea culture developed across social hierarchies and country boundaries. Today, cha drinking customs continue to be deeply rooted in many occasions and family rituals. Just the act of cha pouring itself can symbolize respect given to the elders, a connection to one's past, an honoring of traditions, a showing of gratitude, or an offering of apologies.

H2O, the second part of our equation, is just as equally important as the tea leaves that is steeped. As one of the purest substances on earth, its three states-solid, liquid, and gas-covers about 70% of Earth's surface. This depicts the necessity of its element to life form's sustainability as it is a life-purifying catalyst in our brand.

Cha+H2O = CHA2O

family dinner, a casual hang out, or even a nervous first date, as cha is used at momentous gatherings in history, we hope that you would generously share your life events with us. And like the H2O that assists in life, CHA2O will assist with good ol' grubbin' and drinkin', and an atmosphere that will rejuvenate and revitalize your zest for life.

Our Scrapbook

Did you share and capture a memory with us recently? Tag it with #cha2o and it could be featured on our scrapbook here. See thousands more memories others have created with us on Cha2O Instagram.


We're always adding energetic and motivated individuals to our Cha2o team. Come work with us in a fast-paced yet exciting and rewarding environment. Build essential social, personal, and work skills while making new friends with fun-loving hipster co-workers in a friendly atmosphere that promotes individualities and uniqueness! We look forward to having you on our awesome team!

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