The Story

Drinking tea is very much like making friends. Some drink tea because they enjoy the tea making process. Some drink tea because it creates a calming, curing effect. Some drink tea because it stirs a meditative, reflective mode. Or simply, some drink tea because theyíre thirsty. The first taste of tea can be quite bitter, but one will discover that itís rather sweet later on. However, some canít endure the bitterness to get to the sweetness or some, even given the opportunity, would rather just not experience the bitterness at all.

At Cha2o, our passion is to replicate the ritual and romance of tea drinking, minus the bitterness, so friends and family can easily gather to enjoy. Come join us. Retreat from the chaos of everyday life. Take a moment to relax and delight in our unique restaurant and dessert lounge over conversation or personal solitude with a cup of your favorite beverage and our delicious fare.


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